Newton DIY Kit: Infra Red (IR) Security Alarm System

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If you are a class 12 science student looking to make your perfect 'physics investigatory project', well you are at the right place!


Using this DIY (do-it-yourself) kit, you can make your physics project in just '30 minutes'. 20,000+ students across 200 cities have already used our kits to get full marks in practicals. Not only do you finish your project in time, you can write your project report, understand the basic underlying concepts and have confidence to face Viva questions.


Each kit comes packaged with the following:

    1. Components and Tools Box (a digital multimeter is included as well!)
    2. Step by step building instructions for quick assembly (digital)
    3. Learning Videos to help you get started (digital)
    4. Theory Manual to help you write a great quality project report (paperback)


    This project pack contains the following project:

    IR (Infrared) Security Alarm System: In this project, you will build transmitter and receiver circuits using an IR LED and a photo-diode. The circuit is based on obstacle detection when a person or thing comes in between the transmitter and receiver circuits. The alarm gets triggered and beeps continuously till the time the circuit is reset.

    Customer Reviews

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    Shamika Kadav

    Good equipments. Absolutely no trouble in the functioning of any element

    Excellent !!

    Excellent product!

    Kunal Khanduja
    Fun experience

    Although it took me almost a day to build , but it was worth the efforts that were put in . Also , providing extra components in LEDs , Relay and Resistors did save the day because I had to present it for my project in school and the IR LED was malfunctioning , so I quickly replaced it with another one it worked fine . In the end , I got full marks for that project .

    Gurpawan Mand
    Super amazing project

    I wanted to focus my time on my iit prep. This kit gave me a quick way to finish my project on time. My examiner and teacher were impressed when they saw the project working. the alarm beep caught all my classmates attention. It was fun and time saving!